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It's shading towards sunset, and the pink and gold light that streams in through the windows makes Crowley's Lavinia apartment look warmer, less sterile than usual. In fact, so well do the stylishly neutral tones pick up the evening glow that the place, usually so impersonal, looks positively welcoming. This, however, is in stark contrast to the atmosphere inside, tense from what you might call a heated discussion, but is really somewhat too one-sided for that.

Crowley, looking not so much unhappy as supremely frustrated with the world in general (and certain parts of it in particular), is brandishing a sheet of digital paper on which a newsfeed shimmers gently, paused on an article. Its headline: BENTLEY RIOTS ON LILAC: TENSION RUNS HIGH IN AMESBURY.

The living area's other occupant, one Senator Gabriel Tam, is comfortably ensconced in an armchair, on a swing-stop from a brief political tour of the inner planets. For his part, rather than incensed, he instead looks... sort of resigned. Which probably has at least as much to do with the fact that, after a silent contest of wills, he allowed Crowley to serve him tea instead of scotch, as it does the fact that Crowley doesn't look likely to stop ranting any time soon.

" - not rocket science," he's fuming. "Well - it is rocket science - that's the fucking point. Obviousssly we need skilled labour out on the border sites, and whether or not I'd like to do all my hiring amongst the local bloody colour, they don't have the skill-set. I mean, we're hiring everyone young enough and smart enough that we can train up, and everyone we brought out with us is less'n a decade away from retirement. I think," the digital paper fwishes onto the low table-top, "everyone's being a bit unrealistic. Do they want the damn defenses to get built or not?"
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"I think," Gabriel says dryly, "that they've got at least as much of an interest in having good defenses as you do."

He's drumming his fingers absently against the arm of the chair.
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He leans forward, at this.

"Anyone in particular?"

His eyes have narrowed.
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"Do you want the short list, or the long one?" Gabriel counters.
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This time, his pause is a little more careful.

"Somehow, given certain of your ... associates ... well, I'd had the impression that there was something of an understanding there, of sorts."
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He nods, very slowly; taking it all in.

"What about your associates on the other side, as it were?"
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"I meant the Prior, yes."
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"... I guess that answers that," he says, not without a hint of ruefulness.

"It's quite a precarious position that you're in, Crowley. Is there anything I can do?"

Still fragile in health or not, mortal or not, Gabriel Tam seems not only perfectly serious but unconscious of any associated irony.
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Gabriel looks startled.

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"If not, you've been hiding it very, very well for a long time," Gabriel counters.

"You do remember my line of work before I ended up here?"

A beat.

"Of course, given your particular resources..."
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Long seconds of silence pass before he pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a series of soft curses under his breath.

"...ō, zhè zhēn shì gè kuàilè de jìnzhăn," he concludes. "Is there anything to be done?"
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"Heads-up with respect to what, precisely?" Gabriel counters.

"What are you planning?"
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"We'll see," he temporizes. "But you can consider me duly warned."