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aj_crawley ([personal profile] aj_crawley) wrote2008-12-27 03:27 pm
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The package labelled House of Arch is intriguingly large - tall, deep, and wide. It's also very neatly wrapped (in very bright paper), which rather suggests the hand of a professional, instead of that of Crowley or Aziraphael. Inside, once all the distressingly efficient tape and ribbon has been wrestled off, is a stack of modern classics.

You know.

Pictionary, Taboo, Cranium, an entire set of the more... active sort of card games. And, of course, at the top of the pile, a bunch of distorted teenagers grin manically up from a box cover, under bright red letters proclaiming: Twister.

Aziraphael thought the idea was perfectly charming. Crowley thought the mental images were perfectly hilarious. There is no note, and there is no card; no instructions are necessary. They are both entirely confident that Ingress will force the family to play all of them, over the rest of the holidays. Allllllll of them.